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Alohomora Education Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, enabling young people from underserved communities to be on career pathways that align with their strengths and aspirations, allowing them to thrive.
We focus on enabling career exploration rather than counseling – an active learning process that truly empowers our students to start making decisions for themselves with confidence. Our program is designed to bring the world closer together by leveraging technology meaningfully and connecting students with experts, mentors, and professionals solving this issue at scale.

“Our mission is to enable 1 million young adults from underserved communities to make career choices in-alignment with their natural strengths and interests, by 2025!”

CareerShala: School se Career Tak..

Enable students to make informed career choices, based on exploration (of the world) and experience (for the self) and prepare a plan of action themselves.                             

The 8-week program is designed on our belief of what does a student need to do before making  meaningful career choices.  

During the program, a student goes through the following steps to choose a career (in language as communicated):

Sochna shuru karo – Understanding the need to start thinking about careers right now 

Khul ke socho – Exploring the world of career opportunities through website

Khud ko pehchano – Understanding alignment of self with a career  by doing action based projects and making a choice

Karo jeet ki tayyari – Making a post – program plan of action for the chosen career 

Apni raah chuno – Taking consistent actions to upskill and prepare for a career choice

Other Programs

Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum

Alohomora Education Foundation works in partnership with the Govt of Delhi and SCERT, Delhi to design and implement this one of a kind curriculum. We have been part of the core team since it’s inception in January 2019 and continue to strive to implement it to benefit ~7.5 lakh students across 1000+ Govt schools.

Desh Ke Mentors

Alohomora Education Foundation is working in partnership with Govt. of Delhi is set to launch its latest and one of its most ambitious initiatives yet – ‘Desh Ke Mentor’. The largest mentorship program in the world, where an individual will help a student studying in classes 9th to 12th of Delhi govt. schools to broaden their horizon in terms of available careers.

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